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old medicine cabinets with razor bladeslots old medicine cabinets with razor bladeslots Old medicine cabinet stunning time cabinets had a slot in the back for used razor with regard to.Jan 03, 2019 · The house I grew up in has medicine cabinets with those slots in the back panel.

Why Are There Razor Blades In My Walls? - YouTube At the back of the medicine cabinet was a tiny slot for disposing of use shaving razors. But the slot was actually nothing more than a hole in the wall. So, once you put something through that ... Do you remember or still have the old med cabinet with ... Yes. When I first got married I asked my husband what that slot was for and he told me it was for disposing razor blades. I thought how funny that was, and how bad it might be for people who remodel or tear down houses. My home was built in the 1950's, and still has the original medicine cabinets, so there's a whole lot of blades in there! Razor Blade Slots In Medicine Cabinets winning at slots in a casino Razor Blade Slots In Medicine Cabinets play casino games online uk players y8 poker Drop blade here | Huffygirl's Blog

Razor Blade Slots In Medicine Cabinets. razor blade slots in medicine cabinets Jun 27, 2009 · So the medicine cabinet in the carriage house, as you can see, has seen better days. ... my dad once told me that the little slot in the backs of these medicine cabinets was for the disposal of razor blades.

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There could literally be treasure in your walls - probably not, but what is in there is always a surprise, and cause or retrospective pondering.

Many old medicine cabinets had a razor blade disposal slot and some of these blades could work their way down into the basement.I tend to just chuck utility blades. But for my safety razor blades I didn’t want them lose in the small bathroom trashcan, so I routed a slit into an altoids can and drop... Feather Blade Disposal Case: Health & Personal… Removes blades safely. Styling razor blade disposal case.It fits well into my medicine cabinet and there is no struggle at all to fit my razors into it. I feel much better having a solution for storing my used blades rather then trying to get them back into their packaging, and then of course forgetting which is... Old razor blade sharpener : gifs Because nowadays razor blades cost next to nothing, as opposed to people sharpening the same blade they are just disposed of and replenished with a brand new sharp bladeHas anyone else seen the slot they used to put in the back of the medicine cabinets to dispose of those kinds blades?