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For The Elder Scrolls Online on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Newbie question - Ability slots?". ... with its own skill bar, so it's actually 10 ...

Skills Slots — Elder Scrolls Online I think we need more skills slots, at least 5 skills slots more, there are many good skills and we cant use them all because of this, i dont know if you all have spoken about this but really i think is a good idea. Extra skill slot — Elder Scrolls Online In regards to adding more skill slots or a 6th slot, that would destroy the build balance created by having 5 slots on each bar. Right now there is enough space to make a build that does what you want and can defend against some counters. Normally, one extra ability is required to be able to defend against all counters to your build. Having a ... Action bar slots — Elder Scrolls Online The slots are more than enough. You need to build your ability deck based on the situation you are facing. This game is about choices and being able to slot everything is just not an option, you need to choose wisely and decide what are the right tools for the task you are facing.

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Skills are used in Elder Scrolls Online to perform combat and become a better crafter.Your Action Bar has 6 Slots – 5 slots for normal abilities and 1 slot for an Ultimate ability. Active Abilities are very important are are required to be successful in combat. Навыки | Elder Scrolls Online - Предметная база данных…

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Much like in previous Elder Scrolls titles, you can earn levels in various different skill categories, such as two-handed weapons, heavy armor, shield use, and so forth. In ESO, you do this by using said skills. You start at first level in all skills, and at that level, only the first ability in the skill line is... ESO Skills Guide For Elder Scrolls Online | ESO Universe

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